Sandvik is a global industrial group with advanced products and world-leading positions in selected areas.

The Group has 39,000 employees and representation in 130 countries, with annual sales of approximately SEK 63,000 M.

For nearly 150 years, the name Sandvik has been synonymous with quality. In our quest to provide total solutions for our customers, we have invested heavily in research and development of new products and acquired many strong brands. Each has been integrated seamlessly into the offering, creating unique synergy and value for our customers in mining and construction industries.

Sandvik Mining and Construction’s milestones:

1907 Sandvik starts to produce hollow drill steel.
1945 Sandvik introduces cemented carbide for rock drilling.
1969 Tamrock was established a Finnish producer of rock drilling equipment.
1984 Sandvik divisions were transformed into separate companies Sandvik Rock Tools was established.
1987 Sandvik Rock Tools acquires Hughes Mining Tools.
1987 Tamrock acquires Toro
1987 Sandvik acquires MGT
1988 Tamrock acquires Driltech
1988 Sandvik acquires Mission Drilling
1989 Tamrock acquires EIMCO
1989 Tamrock acquires EJC
1989 Cooperation with Atlas Copco which began in the 1940’s in the rock-drilling field is terminated.
1990 Tamrock acquires Secoma, a French producer of mining equipment.
1990 Sandvik acquires 25% of Tamrock.
1995 Tamrock acquires Rammer, a world leading supplier of hydraulic hammers.
1995 Tamrock acquires Roxon, a world leading supplier of bulk material handling.
1996 Sandvik acquires 26% of Tampella, the parent company of Tamrock.
1996 Tamrock acquires Voest-Alpine
1997 Sandvik acquires Drillmaster
1998 Tamrock and Sandvik Rock Tools merge to create Sandvik Mining and Construction.
1998 Four product areas were established: Sandvik Tamrock, VA-EIMCO, Sandvik Materials Handling and Driltech Mission.
1999 Sandvik Tamrock acquires Broyt, a leading supplier of face loaders.
2000 Sandvik Materials Handling acquires Beltreco, the leading conveyor service company for mining and other bulk materials handling customers.
2000 Driltech Mission acquires BPI
2001 Sandvik Mining and Construction acquires mining and construction part of Svedala and establishes a new product area: Sandvik Rock Processing.
2001 Sandvik Mining and Construction acquires Bafco in Chile. Bafco is a leading service and rental company in underground mining industry.
2001 Sandvik Mining and Construction has established a jointly owned company together with Smith International Inc, Sandvik Smith.
2002 Sandvik Mining and Construction acquires the mining and construction business of Mazda Earthmoving Technologies in Japan
2004 Sandvik acquires 51 % of the material handling project company MGS in Brazil.
2005 Sandvik Smith become wholly owned subsidiary and integrated into Sandvik.
2006 Sandvik completes acquisition of Australian SDS Corporation, leading in the design and manufacture of drilling equipment for mineral exploration and products and services for mine infrastructure.
2006 Sandvik completes acquisition of Swedish-Japanese Hagby-Asahi a leading manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools and equipment for the mining, construction and metal working industries as well as a supplier of diamond drill rigs for mineral exploration.
2006 Sandvik acquires Australian based UDR Group a leading manufacturer and supplier of surface mineral exploration drill rigs.
2006 Sandvik acquires Implemin is Latin America’s leading producer and supplier of consumables for rotary drilling and RC (reverse circulation) drilling within mineral exploration.