The NILOS-Hans Ziller GmbH & Co. KG

has been engaged in the field of Conveyor Belt Equipment since 1926. Your advantage is that we can offer everything for running a belt from one source.

Our program comprises rubber Products, vulcanizing Presses, belt conveyors as well as accessories for working with Conveyor Belts.

Our experience and global orientation are further aspects to recommend you NILOS as a business partner. If required, our well-trained team will support you worldwide in building, installing and operating belt conveyors. By offering the training of your personnel with respect to handling, operating vulcanizers and conveyor belts we share our know-how.

We are your competent Partner around the world and around the Conveyor Belt.

For 80 years, NILOS® Hans Ziller GmbH & Co. KG is known for the application-oriented development of high-quality and innovative products of conveyor belt equipment.

The first product named NILOS® was the so-called NILOS® hook – the detachable mechanical belt connector, invented by Dr. Hans Joachim Ziller. Today, Nilos belongs to the Ziller Holding with its headquarters in Hilden near Düsseldorf. The division of conveyor belt equipment is doing business worldwide; its modern techniques has made NILOS a unique brand.

Joint ventures, associated companies, subsidiaries and franchise partners in all important mining regions of the world complete the close-meshed global network of NILOS. Even temporary major projects can thus be accomplished, in cooperation with experts from various subsidiaries.

The comprehensive NILOS® programme comprises hot vulcanizing and cold repair material, as well as belt installation, maintenance, overhauling and reconditioning.

The programme is completed by conveyor belt equipment ranging from simple small tools to vulcanizing presses and also includes the planning, construction and commissioning of entire conveyor belt repair workshops.

Our years of experience and our flexibility ensure the high quality of our products and services, which is much appreciated by our customers.

Our own engineering and manufacture of machinery as well as our production of rubber and elastomer materials, along with a large service capacity, ensure the quick and well adapted supply and mounting of all products required around the conveyor belt.

Another field where NILOS is specialized is products for wear protection made of rubber or plastics; scrapers, pulley laggings, and screen decks. The wear protection components are proven in high-stress areas.

NILOS having become one of the most important European belt merchants is owed to many clients appreciating a supply of “everything from one source”.

NILOS products will continue to ensure smooth and economic working processes in many companies of the world engaged in earth moving and exploitation of raw materials (in the widest sense).

NILOS® … there is no better way in belting

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