Today Bonfiglioli is a truly multinational organisation, with a worldwide network made of branches that are not just sales offices, but enterprises that are fully operative in their respective market places.

Permit us to emphasise on two fundamental principles, that will be constantly referred to when making future decisions:
• “SHARING AND PARTICIPATION” in strategic decision making.

These guidelines complement our driving force towards product leadership and cutting-edge production processes.
Achieving excellence is our primary objective, which can only be obtained through hard team working, striving for objectives that are consistent with the company set targets.

This is an ambitious challenge, but we have a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and never more than now, it is time to play to win.

1956 Bonfiglioli Riduttori is founded in Bologna by Clementino Bonfiglioli, the company’s current Chairman. 1964 The RAE series dual-stage planetary gear unit is designed and patented. 1975 Acquisition of Forlì-based company Trasmital, specialised in the construction of palnetary gear units. 1982 The start of Bonfiglioli’s internationalisation process leadig to the opening of direct branches all over the world.

1995 Launch of a highly innovative modular-design gearmotor range. 1996 Expansion of oversees sales offices and local assembly units for enhanced flexibility and customer service. 1999 The Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. production plant is opened in Chennai, India. 2000 Launch of Mosaico, Bonfiglioli’s innovative
e-Commerce service.

2001 Throught the acquisition of German specialist Vectron, Bonfiglioli gains a foothold in the electronics sector for motion control system. 2002 Bonfiglioli launches the BEST programme (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team), a network of selected business partners licenced to manage local assembly. 2003 Acquisition of Tecnoingranaggi Riduttori a Bologna- based high-precision engineering manufacturer. 2005 Work starts on a new production plant in the Slovak Republic.

2006 Inauguration to Milan of the new Bonfiglioli Italy branch office.

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