PIPiS “ALSI” makes modern installations for gas engineering. The leading position of the company on polish market, the number of the customers increases constantly and numerous prizes are a testimony to high quality of our products.

Only the “ALSI” Company has the laboratory permitted by Central Weights and Measuring Office to control and verification of a bellows, rotor and turbine gas meters. We are the representative of companies: “Pietro Fiorentini”, “Equimeter”, “Romet” and partner of companies: “Nuovo Pignone”, “Lewa”, in recognition of the quality of our products. We offer products of companies mentioned above as well as our own products made under licence of these companies.

Additionally, the “ALSI” provide aerial services, especially a surveillance flying over natural gas pipelines.Currently the Company consist of three plants: in Poznañ , in Zakrzewie near Poznañ and in Bia³ogard. We have ISO EN 9001:2001 and ISO EN 720-2.

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